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Introducing the first of a new series of Fantastic Tames for ARK: Survival Ascended: the Pyromane! Owners of one of this new class of creatures gain access to a wondrous array of useful abilities!

The Pyromane can dynamically transform from a tiny shoulder-mounted kitten to a full-size rideable lion! When shoulder-mounted as a kitten, it can be used as a flamethrower. Then toss the Pyromane to become a full-sized lion, which you can ride across lava fields and command to set fire to your enemies. This formidable feline can explosively dash through targets, leaving burning fire trails in its wake while drinking in the flames of fiery foes to fuel its fearsome final form!

This versatile feline can cook raw meat to perfection and keep your jerky fresh as you travel together. Your fantastical friend even fuels forges, proving its utility in every situation. Whether it takes the form of a majestic predator or a loyal shoulder-mount, the Pyromane will make a scorching addition to your army of powerful tames!

Developer info

  • Instinct Games, Grove Street Games, Studio Wildcard
  • June 4, 2024


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