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Wings of the Heart Take Flight Once More

Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean and Baten Kaitos Origins are now on Steam with improved graphics and new features to aid game progression, making them even easier to play!

Delve into the world of Baten Kaitos as you strategize with the unique card-based battle system in these two immersive RPG masterpieces. Play as a guardian spirit who guides the colorful cast as they struggle against destiny itself.

A long time ago, there was a great conflict between the evil god and the people. After a fierce battle, the people managed to seal off the evil god, but what was left behind was only a desolate land. The people thus chose to abandon the land and live in the sky.

Such fairy tales were passed down as legends. At this time, people had wings called Wings of the Heart and lived a peaceful life. It was an era of long-lasting tranquility. ...But the collapse had quietly begun.

When a young man calls your name, the name of the spirit, the story begins to unfold. A story set on a floating continent in the sky, where thoughts and prayers intersect.

• Unique Magnus Battle System
In the world of Baten Kaitos, the true essences of all manner of things, including equipment and items, can be extracted and stored inside cards called magnus. A magnus' contents can be released at any time, returning the magna essence sealed inside to its original form.

These magnus form the basis of the Baten Kaitos battle system.
Battles run in real time, so you'll need to employ quick thinking to select the right magnus for the situation.

Strategize against enemies of various elements using elemental magnus of your own,
and experiment with mixing and matching different magnus to discover and unlock powerful combo attacks!

• Vivid Graphics Remastered in HD

The two titles have been fully remastered in HD, including retouched battle backgrounds, character graphics, and UI.
Enjoy Baten Kaitos with even more vibrant visuals.
・ Aspect ratio expanded from 4:3 to 16:9 for play on wider screens!
・ Main character and boss graphics have been completely renewed in vivid detail!
・ All-new menu screens! Enjoy smoother gameplay with refreshed menu layouts, newly added sorting features, and more.
Pre-existing graphics have been used for in-game maps as well as some screens and character models.

• New Features for Better Gameplay
Along with improved graphics, the features below have been added to make game progression much smoother!
・ Auto-save feature
・ Help menu containing terminology and hints for progressing through the game
・ New Game+ mode, unlocked after clearing the game once, which starts a new game while retaining all magnus, levels, and ranks
・ New Game- mode, a mode with level restrictions for an extra thrilling challenge
Six new game system options have now been added, including adjustable game speeds and no-encounter mode.
Save your settings as a Custom Set and turn them on or off at any time.

Developer info

  • logicalbeat Co., Ltd.
  • Bandai Namco Entertainment
  • June 17, 2024


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