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In Be My Horde, you assume the role of Moriana, an alluring, dangerous, and formidable necromancess engaged in battles against forces of the living. Her motivation? Unknown. Her backstory? A mystery. All you need to know is that YOU are the evil one in this story.

Build your own malevolent army of undead minions by resurrecting each fallen enemy. No matter if it’s a weak peasant, a fierce warrior, a noble knight, or… a sheep. Devour the souls of all of them and add their bodies to your expanding horde.

When you possess such power, your enemies will stop being mere obstacles. THEY ARE YOUR RESOURCE!


Start your conquest, unleash chaos upon the living, and get ready… to fail. Being evil isn’t always easy, but fear not. After each death, you’ll return to your dark domain, enhancing your skills using the souls harvested from the defeated opponents. Raise twisted structures that will reveal more secrets of the art of necromancy.

Get back on the battlefield with new powers to bring this fantasy world to its doom. Force dwellers of this realm to get on their knees before Moriana by surviving their futile resistance for as long as possible!


Admire gameplay in a top-down perspective and a glorious (and bloody) 2D aesthetic. Repulsive and creepy images go hand in hand with cute and colorful scenery. Various weather conditions add depth to the presented world. Also, the longer Moriana haunts it, the darker and more unpleasant it becomes. Don’t forget - you’re the evil one here!

The contrast is strengthened by the mix of heavy metal and classical music delivered by the talented composer Davi Vasc and accompanied by the almost hypnotic voice of Amber Lee Connors, who plays the role of our protagonist, Moriana, giving a lot of character to this seductive, attractive, but simultaneously cruel and psychopathic figure.


💀 ENEMIES AS A RESOURCE: resurrect each fallen enemy to make your malevolent army bigger and stronger!
💀 MASSIVE HORDES: create a dark horde of HUNDREDS of minions ready to fight for you till their ultimate end!
💀 THERE’S SPACE FOR EVERYONE: encounter a variety of units from weak peasants, aggressive warriors, powerful knights, swift cavalrymen, or… exploding sheep! If something is alive, you can kill it and add it to your horde!
💀 EVOLVE: return to your Dominion after each defeat and use the harvested souls to improve your minions and necromancy powers! Get back to the battlefield even more formidable!
💀 SIT AND PLAY: quick and immersive runs. Play for a few minutes or push the limits for a few hours, beating your own records - Be My Horde lets you do both!
💀 PRAISE BE MORIANA!: become a seductive and dangerous lich, Moriana, portrayed by the talented voice actress Amber Lee Connors! Try not to fall in love…

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  • Polished Games
  • Polished Games
  • June 18, 2024


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