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Dozens of operators from Europe, America and Asia with detailed equipment and weapons, unique abilities and non-linear level progression.
There are four operators in every fireteam:
  • Assault is the fastest, capable of flanking the enemy to get behind their lines.
  • Support is a heavily armed operator with lots of health and armor. The Support’s main goal is to divert the enemy’s attention and disrupt their attacks.
  • Medic heals and revives allies and is effective in combat at close and medium range.
  • Marksman provides cover and eliminates targets at long range.

The outcome of the battle depends not only on individual player skill, but also on well-coordinated teamwork.
Fight against other players in PvP, complete intense missions in PvE, or become a feared master of Frontline and Threshold, the mixed PvPvE game modes.
Over a dozen detailed maps with varied locations, from the Middle Eastern motifs of Karkhad and the European atmosphere of Zalessye to frozen lands of the Isverden Archipelago.

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  • April 12, 2023


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