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Cepheus Protocol is an Open World RTS Military Survival Game, it puts players in control of CERC(Center for Epidemic Research and Control).
A beached ship called the Voyager Dawn has been discovered near Half Moon Bay. Chelsey one of the first people to discover it has been infected, returning to her home on Treasure Island in the Bay Area. Little does she know is that she is now carrying the Pangu Virus(alien pathogen) that will soon convert her into Patient 0 and start a "Cepheus Protocol" level event.

Current Features

  • Hardcore Infected(Zombie) Military RTS where units can be infected/killed
  • Infected can swarm and attack your positions and Ambient Civilian encampments
  • Command the "Operator" a unit that can be controlled in TPS(Third Person) or used as another hero unit in RTS
  • Level up in the Doctrine tree to unlock new support options, weapons & units.
  • Customize Pandemic Mode to your whims. Turn off Infected Types and customize your experience in the custom game options feature
  • Level up your Characters through combat and increase their proficiency (Health and Targeting Acquisition time)
  • A modern take of Line of Sight and hearing featuring AI that need to actually hunt you
  • An extremely large detailed map with varied locales you will need to plan accordingly for when you Attack, Defend or plan civilian evacuations.
  • Employ Land, Sea and Air assets to battle the Infection and enemy Rogue Civilian Combatants (Hostile Dynamic Civilian groups)
  • Employ Diplomacy with Dynamic Civilian groups to recruit out of their camps and protect each other.
  • Setup Civilian Evacuation through the Civilian Administration Structure allowing you to choose who lives and dies via an in-depth Civilian intake system you can customize or use preset templates.
  • Research the Pangu Virus and learn its secrets so you can kill Patient 0
  • Hunt and kill Patient 0's LT's and expanding Horde as they attempt to infect every province
  • Dynamic Groups will form randomly in provinces based on your reptation or just in the desire to survive against the Infected(Zombies)

Planned Features:

  • The Operator can customize weapons, drive vehicles, has a progression system is more fleshed out so you can customize their basic appearance & abilities.
  • Aircraft Carrier - A new base of Operators in Pandemic mode. If you lose it you lose. Winters is now a rebuildable Hero
  • DNA Research - A proper progression/unlock tree allowing you to better counter the virus and better protect your units in the field
  • Infected LT/AI improvements - Just improving Attacking/Defense logic for extreme turtle situations
  • Coop - A shared "CERC" where all players share resources and work towards a unified front together up to 4 players.
  • Campaign - Experience the canon story told from the Novel and side stories.

Developer info

  • May 15, 2020


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