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Become a tram driver! Hop back into the cab for the ultimate tram driving experience. Drive modern real-world trams from various cities with physics indistinguishable from the real thing. Take to the rails and transport passengers while sticking to the timetable and strategically set up your own tram routes by choosing from the many stations to build up a fully functioning and effective tram network.

Career Mode

Become an operations manager for the entire tram network in career mode! From humble beginnings and limited resources, start off with a brand new fully customisable tram business and choose your own tram liveries and logo. Get your passengers where they need to be on time and earn XP to level up and unlock more operational resources. Connect an entire network of tram stations: gradually expand your tram lines, increase your fleet of vehicles, and work towards building a city-sprawling interconnected tram network.

Sandbox Mode

No expectations, no pressure, just a chill tram drive. Take in the photo realistic graphics and true-to-life tram physics, day, or night. Create tramlines with no limitations and transport your passengers how you see fit. Take your trams out for a spin and drive according to timetables: a purely classic tram driving experience.

Welcome to Tramau

Immerse yourself in our vision of a transit-friendly city in southern Germany, where the charm of tradition effortlessly blends innovation. Strategically navigate through varied city sights and challenging tram routes. Revel in the fun of creating a bustling, efficient tram network while admiring the city's skyline, punctuated by landmarks including a majestic cathedral that stands as a testament to Tramau's rich cultural heritage.

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  • Dovetail Games
  • June 20, 2024


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