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"Clothing Store Simulator" is a fun simulation game that will let you feel the glamorous world of fashion.

Design your dream clothes and start selling.

Customize every aspect of your store to truly make it your own! Grab a brush and let your imagination fly!

Computer and Store Management In-game
Manage your store from the in-game computer. You can make brand agreements, order products, set the selling price of products, order furniture and decoration items and much more from the computer.

Brand Agreements
Make brand agreements. By signing agreements with brands, you can sell their products in your store. People who care about fashion wear brands.

Product Placement
Pick up the products you have ordered, arrange them on shelves, place them in aisles, hang them on hangers or stock them in your warehouse. You can also put them on a mannequin for display.

Store Design
Design your store in a trendy and attractive way. Arrange furniture and decorations. Place shelves, hangers, racks and mannequins. Place products in the relevant aisles. You can present your products to customers by dressing the mannequins.

Price Determination
To grow your customer base, emphasize customer satisfaction. Customers like a balanced price policy. Follow the market. Products with falling prices can be stocked.

Store Expansion
Expand your store and warehouse spaces, add furniture and decorations, fill the aisles with products and fill your store with customers. Fashion changes constantly. Adapt to change until you become the change initiator.

"Clothing Store Simulator" is where the heart of fashion beats. Will you stay a small boutique or will you build a big store that sets the fashion trends of the city? A world of fun awaits you.

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  • Kiki Games
  • Kiki Games
  • June 17, 2024


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