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Our Road Map

From Penniless to CEO

You start your journey almost penniless in a port town. Get some jobs from the neighborhood and gain a humble income. Start a company of up to 4 people and divide the work by authorizing them in various topics.

Bring Your Design to Life

Purchase a land. Design a house. Build it. Decorate with individual touches and bring out your inner designer. Sell it at an auction. The
land is all yours. You decide.

CO-OP In A Open-world simulator

Ever imagined starting a company with your friends? Of course, you can manage the entire process alone but it's always funnier with friends trolling you. (Well, not pretty sure about this one.) One of you is CEO and s/he has the control over your authorization. So, if you cannot purchase a land or take a loan from bank, it's best to talk to your CEO before writing your totally kind wishes at our Discord Server. (Or we can talk to your CEO on your behalf, that's also a solution.)


How much relief can a sledgehammer bring? Try! Demolish a big house with a sledgehammer. Or clean a real big houses. (You don't even clean your own room? Let's keep it a secret. No one should know you‘ll clean a whole mansion online.)

Upgrade Your Skills

You gain skill points as you get experienced and can decide which skills or tools that you want to focus on. Having colleagues specialize in different subjects can make your job even easier.


Not all ways to make money are that difficult. You can just put some into your pocket by delivering cargo. But be careful, you'll be carrying different types of them.

Make a Contract

You (and your company) work by contracts. These contracts may include decoration, demolish, build, logistics jobs or some of them together.

Developer info

  • MYM Games Studios
  • FiftyEight Studios
  • May 31, 2024


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