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Embark on a single-player, top-down journey in Cozy Caravan, where the arts of crafting, trading, and exploration come together in a beautifully cozy world.

Navigate through picturesque landscapes in your trusty caravan alongside your best buddy Bubba, setting up a mobile market in each new town. Craft a variety of items through delightful mini-games, then set up your market and trade with the local townsfolk. Along the way, encounter a rich tapestry of characters with their own stories and quests, deepening the sense of connection and community on this journey.

A Helping Hand

Give the locals a hand while you gather resources and stock up your caravan.

Friendly Encounters

Experience the warmth of small-town charm with every friendly gesture along the way.

Life on the Road

Explore open roads with your trusty caravan and your reliable companion, Bubba, as you venture from town to town. And keep an eye out, you never know where you might find someone who could use a lift!

Take a break

Stop and say hello to the local townsfolk and join in on fun activities! You never know what's around the next corner!

Make it Your Own!

Create your own cute persona and set out on your journey! Choose your look and hit the road!

Developer info

  • 5 Lives Studios
  • 5 Lives Studios
  • May 16, 2024


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