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In Cube Chaos you place cubes each of which has its own abilities and behaviours.
In practice it plays like a unique rogue-lite mix of rts, autobattler and towerdefense.
Call forth a rat above every non rat ally,
use catapults to catapult those rats past the enemy defenses,
meanwhile defend yourself with self repairing shield walls and
summon lightning clouds which teleport above enemies and zap them.
Just to sample a strategy.

Open Ended Design:

Sure Triple Shot makes your guns shoot 3 bullets sometimes, but it also makes your anthills make more ants, your replicating crabs might triplicate, your dead enemies might turn into 3 zombies.
The perks in this game are meant to allow for strange and unusual strategies outside of what I the developer directly intended.

Risk Reward:

Want to buy something in the shop but didn't collect enough gold? Just go into debt!
Want to stack a perk 8 times in exchange for some of the most horrible curses my mind could cook up? Cursed trades got you covered!
Cube Chaos encourages you to take calculated risks and reap the rewards of living on the edge of defeat, rewarding you with both memorably victories, teaching defeats and if you are very lucky something so completely broken I'll have to consider adjusting it in the next balance patch.

Ludicrous Variety:

  • 7+ Classes and 7+ Species, with each combination having a unique bonus perk.
  • 500+ handmade Units used by both you and your AI opponents.
  • 400+ upgradable Perks to enhance and enable new builds.
  • 90+ Curses to haunt your days.
  • 50+ Consumables to save you from certain defeat.
  • Modding with Steam Workshop support!

Developer info

  • Wunarg
  • Wunarg
  • October 18, 2023


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