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DEADSIDE blends together the feeling of an Extraction Shooter while taking place in an Open Persistent World with PVP / PVE, and Survival elements. Store your loot in a safe zone, or build a base in the vast world. You can store more loot in a base, and can't get offline raided. If other players kill you, you may drop a raid token which allows them to raid you for an hour. Mixed with tactical gunplay, challenging missions, newly-added boats, DEADSIDE offers an open world experience with fast and clear progression. You get guns fast.


The world of DEADSIDE is vast and filled with forests, rivers, and settlements. You can build anywhere outside of settlements. Challenging NPCs patrol the map, and your progression is solely decided by your own skill. There are no levels or bars. Your level is your skill and the equipment you acquire.


Missions are a crucial part of progression. The world map will have them conveniently marked. Watchout for armed military groups and bandits, and high tier loot.


It's all about the ballistics and variety of weapons. Choose from 32 firearms, and modify them with scopes, expanded mags, flashlights, silencers and other modules. Feeling tactical? Setup tripwire traps, respawn beacons, use smoke grenades for cover. The combat system is designed to be hardcore.


Store your loot in Safe Zones. Nobody can take it from there. Trade with friendly NPCs. Make friends with other players. The Safe Zones are your extraction point if you don't want to build a base.


There are no offline raids in DEADSIDE! You can build your own base to store loot and have a convenient location to go out and do missions. If you die to other players, there's a chance of a RAID TOKEN spawning. The enemy can activate this token, and your base will be raidable for an hour. No more waking up to destroyed bases like in more standard survival PVP games.


Right now, transportation in the game is represented by inflatable and swamp boats that occasionally appear in the game world with a small amount of fuel.
Additional fuel and repair kits for the boats can be found while exploring the game world.
As the game develops, we are planning to expand the number of transportation options.

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  • April 14, 2020


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