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Important information to consider before purchasing this game in early access:

  • The game is still in development. You might encounter various smaller or bigger bugs, balance issues, and a lack of final polish.
  • We’re open to any feedback. We believe that together, we can create the best deckbuilding experience possible!
  • Your saved data may become corrupted or wiped with large patches and version changes.
  • Gamepads may not work properly (which will be changed in the future), so a keyboard + mouse setup is strongly recommended.
  • The game is playable on Steam Deck, but as gamepad controls are not finished, you will have to use the trackpad frequently.
  • Right now, only English is supported, but in the future, we’ll expand the list of available languages

Experience a new and unique twist on the deck-building roguelite genre!

In Dragon Eclipse, you'll discover and collect magical Mystlings—creatures you can befriend and use in battle. Not only will you craft your deck of cards, but you'll also assemble a team of three Mystlings, each with unique stats, abilities, and dedicated cards. As you progress, your Mystlings will grow stronger and evolve! Utilize their abilities in deckbuilding to create breathtaking combos with every run. But beware—the Eclipse is coming!

A fresh take on a beloved formula

Combining team battler mechanics with deck-building strategy opens up endless fun and inventive combinations. After every run, you'll unlock new Mystlings, cards, and higher difficulty levels, keeping the game exciting for a long time. Experiment with different setups, create amazing combos, boost your stats, and engage each team member uniquely to achieve the impossible!

Choose a tamer

Your choice of tamer determines your starting deck and pool of cards. Each tamer has a distinct playstyle and unique specialization, so choose wisely to face whatever destiny awaits!

Choose your Mystlings

Every Mystling has unique stats, abilities, and a starting card for your deck. Strategically balance your team, make them your loyal companions, and together, fight against the encroaching evil.

Train and evolve your Mystlings

Mystlings level up and evolve during combat, gaining powerful new abilities. You’ll have to discover and harness their potential. They may look sweet, but in the hands of a skilled tamer, they can become deadly weapons able to dominate the battlefields!

Create your deck

Throughout your journey, you'll construct a powerful deck full of great combos. Acquire new cards from various sources, engage in battles, complete side quests, and meet intriguing characters to ensure your deck is tailored to your combat needs and preferences.

Time is of the essence

Time is crucial in gameplay. The Eclipse is approaching, limiting the time you have to gather cards and resources. Make strategic decisions and choose your path wisely, as some valuables will have to be sacrificed for the greater good.

Ready to become the best tamer out there? Start your journey now!

Developer info

  • Fardust
  • Awaken Realms
  • June 24, 2024


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