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Dystopika is a small city-builder inspired by cyberpunk and the wanderlust of cities that never sleep.

Place buildings, giant billboards, and towering holograms, working in harmony with procedural generation for landscape, traffic, and lights to create your own future metropolis rich with vibes and ambience. Escape to your own little dystopian dreams (or nightmares).

No goals, no objectives, no wins or losses. Just relax and embrace creative cyberpunk zen. If you love to turn on the cheat codes and just build, this one's for you.

Welcome to the Darker Side Of Cozy.

Dystopika is an evolving passion project by a solo-developer. Join the Discord community to share your creations, give feedback, and help shape its future.

Developer info

  • Voids Within
  • UNIKAT Label, Voids Within
  • June 21, 2024


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