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EMPTY SHELL will throw you in a dark industrial environment, a secret facility on a Japanese island in the middle of nowhere. Each volunteer has signed a contract for a "recovery operation" without being privy to too many details.
They said the facility had been abandoned for decades, but once in place it was immediately apparent that something was wrong.
Discover the dark secrets of the facility's years of operation, up until the accident that led to the extreme consequences you are involved in.
Every time you die, you will control a new volunteer sent to the place. Your starting equipment will be randomized and each level will be generated with a new layout.
Dark corridors and cold rooms. Abominable creatures and bloody fights. Puzzles to solve, equipment, logs and documents to recover await you in this roguelite survival horror.
  • Random generated maps every time you enter a new level or you die
  • A top down perspective surrounded by darkness
  • Scavenge weapons, ammo and gadgets to raise your chance to survive
  • Manage your inventory to make room for what you deem vital
  • Different types of enemies will hunt you down each room of the facility
  • Buy upgrades and devices to help you during fights
  • Find logs and documents from the 1950s to unveil the stories of the people who worked there

Developer info

  • Hyperstrange
  • October 16, 2023


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