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  • Build a maze before the battle begins! Be creative and find the best setup with the block cards in your hand.
  • Make good use of your limited wall blocks! Will you make the monsters take a longer route, or will you use the blocks to position your towers more strategically?
  • After the battle, add various runes to the block cards! Runes can enhance your towers, grant blocks special abilities, or even double their size!

    • Tower with various sizes: 1x3? 2x2? 3x3? Building powerful towers requires careful planning!
    • Poison Towers that Span Monster Paths: Instead of shooting, we pour poison directly on the enemies' heads!
    • Drone Towers that Track Enemies: Why wait for enemies to come? Attack is the best form of defence!
    • D20 Towers that Test Your Luck: Higher number equals higher damage! (And yes, there's the infamous CRITICAL FAILURE)
    • (...and a lot more!!)

    • Choose your character and fire source before starting your adventure!
    • Each run is unique with different maps, tower compositions, and mazes.
    • Collect new towers, block cards, or power relics during your journey.
    • Each battle grants you experience. Learn from various talents and become stronger for your next adventure!


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  • ReficGames
  • ReficGames
  • June 25, 2024


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