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Immerse yourself in the farming world of Farm Manager World! Build your agricultural empire in exciting new locations around the world, cultivate exotic plants, breed animals, utilize crop rotation and fertilizers to care for the soil, and trade resources with friends.

Farming Across Continents
Farm Manager World is the latest installment in the Farm Manager series, where you'll have the opportunity to grow a variety of crops from around the world. Start your farm in Europe, Central America, and soon in Asia.

Plants and Animals
Every plant has its soil requirements. Conduct soil research and apply the appropriate fertilizers to raise the soil class, its pH, and nitrogen level. Using crop rotation will affect better crop yields.
Raise young animals, buy, feed, treat, take care of them, obtain resources and sell animals.

Farm Design and Efficiency
Strategically design your farm layout and unlock advanced farming tools to streamline your operations. Always pay attention to the shelf life of harvested crops. A new logistics and storage system will help control the flow of goods and facilitate their sales management.

Market Trends
Observe the demand and supply in the market and use the best moments to buy and sell your goods. Each purchase and sale affects the global market and the prices of raw materials and products.

Machines and People
Hire skilled workers, assign them to appropriate tasks based on their skills. Buy the required machines, monitor their technical condition and fuel availability to ensure their reliability during the harvest.

Processing and Organic Farming
Build factories and process the products you collect. You'll have a multitude of food preparation options at your fingertips - from baking and fermenting, to freezing, pickling, jarring, and beyond. Cultivating organic produce is challenging due to diseases and pests, but can be highly profitable.

Developer info

  • Cleversan Games
  • Sim Farm S.A., PlayWay S.A.
  • April 29, 2024


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