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A thrilling and fair battle!
Flash Party brings another major update: removing levels, introducing crossover Hero: ICEY, new terrains, and combat mechanics... The fun and exciting fighting party continues!
Flash Party is a platform fighter. You can control the most interesting heroes in this exciting fighting party. Attack, jump, dodge, and block... throw your opponents off-stage with all sorts of moves!
Discover your unique style, and you are the next Party Star!
[How to Win]
To win the party, it's as simple as knocking everyone else off-stage! Attack the Heroes controlled by other players and increase the Knock-out Score above their head; The higher the KO Score, the more susceptible they are to knock-outs.
[Original Characters]
Meet all kinds of unique original characters! A Chubby snowman, a God of Trial that descends from heaven, a high school girl with an apple-shaped head, and an idol singer admired by all, everyone’s waiting for you in the exciting Flash Party battles! Of course, there's also the brand new hero from the indie action game ICEY, as well as the Kamaitachi Girl designed by players... With over 20 unique heroes to choose from and more new heroes being introduced, the action never stops!
[New Adjustments]
Level Removal: In this major update, the leveling mechanism will be removed to make parties more fair. The existing levels (4 and above) will be converted into adequate compensation. Now is the time to come back and continue the party!
New Battle Mechanics: Jablock, Edge Fall, Shield Pushback... all new battle mechanics are arriving with the Starwaves update. Experience the fun of new combat on an even more intense battlefield!
New Terrain & Matchmaking System Adjustments: Three new terrains have been added, with the timed map rotation system abolished and replaced by randomly matched maps for each game. After a match, you can "battle again" with your opponent for the ultimate BO3 showdown.
Contents Return: Previous seasons' lobby scenes, lobby background music, and arena skins will be added to the store and can be purchased with Stardust.
The Heroes are categorized into four types: All-rounder, Assaulter, Power House, and Impeder; each has an exclusive fighting mechanism.
All-rounder: Attack in three directions to accumulate energy and release a Super Neutral Special
Assaulter: Cancel specific attacks with certain moves to remove the Ending Lag, creating abundant combo openings and variations
Power House: The higher their KO Score is, the more powerful their Attack becomes
Impeder: Attack Shields to accumulate energy and release a Super Grab & Throw
[Game Modes]
After the Starwaves update, all maps will be randomly matched. Here, you will participate in 1v1 Challenge, Team Competition, Brawl, and Soccer Showdown, as well as weekend-limited event modes, and Friendly Battle mode to play with friends anytime.
For players who want to hone their skills, join the Pinnacle Arena! Rise to higher ranks in modes such as Pinnacle Solo, Pinnacle Relay, and Pinnacle Team, and become a master player in the party!
Collect various themed hero skins, KO effects, and other decorations from themes like Pool Party, Oriental Legend, Western Adventure, and Cosmic Adventure to become the shining star of the party!
[Season: Party Pass]
With the beginning of the Starwaves major update, the season will be SS1. Each season has a unique party pass theme, and by participating in competitions or completing seasonal missions, you can unlock party rewards, including skins, emojis, KO effects, and more. Purchase a Star Card to unlock more missions and have a chance to redeem past season-exclusive rewards.
[To Be a Party Animal]
Find more friends in the party, team up for battle or practice together. Create a dojo and improve together with friends. Edit your hero banner to showcase your accumulated achievements. Compete for the regional rankings of hero scores and arena ranks and become a top-ranked fighter in your area. Go to the video hall to find your mentor. Here, you have multiple ways to enjoy the joyful fighting party with others!
Party stars, show us what you've got!

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  • January 9, 2023


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