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GrandChase is a side-scrolling, online, action-RPG with anime inspired graphics. Select your favorite character and build your favorite loadout to take on the foes that look to conquer the world of Aernas! Whether you are looking for solo gameplay in dungeons or want to bring your friends to take on the mightiest foes in raids, GrandChase has something for all adventurers.

A Wide Array of Characters and Jobs

GrandChase features 21 different characters to choose from. Whether you want to take down your enemies from afar with a bow or slash them with your sword, each character features weapons unique to their playstyle.
As you delve deeper into the world of Aernas and power up your characters, you will unlock Jobs, which allows even deeper customization and skills to help craft the perfect build that suits you.

Forge Your Loadout

There’s a build for every occasion. As you level up you will unlock skill points that allow you to buy into whichever skills you wish to use on your journey.
Through shared skills, active skills, passives, and basic commands, you will forge the ultimate loadout that allows you to eliminate your enemies in both PvE and PvP.

Customize Your Coordi

Customization doesn’t end with your build! Customize your character’s look as you see fit. Use Seal Breaker Scrolls to unlock unique looks that rotate through the Coordi shop on a weekly basis.


Engage in the most high-intensity gameplay GrandChase has to offer with PvP. Bring your friends to your arena and dominate the competition in 3v3 battles to the death. GrandChase offers numerous maps to choose from for the game modes of Versus and Deathmatch.

Dungeons & Raids

Dive headfirst into the dungeons that GrandChase has to offer. Whether you are flying solo or grouping up with other players in-game, there is a world of content to explore. You will traverse across numerous continents during your leveling journey as you see what the world has to offer.
Upon reaching the end game, you will take on ever greater foes that stand in your way. Join these battles to be rewarded with loot that helps you grow your Battle Power to become even stronger.
Taking on the most powerful enemies in Aernas requires you to enter a raid! Join up to five other adventurers and claim the spoils of war.

Updates & Events

GrandChase offers regular updates and events that will help you progress your character roster. Through these events, you will earn numerous in-game items that range from experience boosters to Coordi boxes.
Head into Aernas and help save the world from the terrors that lurk within!

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  • KOG
  • KOG
  • July 27, 2021


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