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"Greedland”, a bullet heaven with roguelike elements, offers fans of games like Vampire Survivors an adrenaline-fueled journey through relentless enemy waves, diverse maps, and exhilarating boss battles. Embrace the life of a mercenary, unlocking potent weapons and skills, with ongoing content updates and more strategic possibilities."
Powered by Unreal Engine 5, "Greedland" immerses you in meticulously designed foes that swarm you from every angle, creating a heart-pounding gaming experience that pushes the boundaries of your sanity.
Unleash an expansive array of powerful weapons and skills, crafting a satisfying loadout that harks back to the glory days of classic titles such as "Alien Shooter" and "Crimsonland."
Equip yourself with the fiercest tools the Galaxy has to offer, complemented by a diverse skill set. Step into the shoes of a relentless mercenary with endless strategic possibilities. Stay tuned for powerful mechs in future updates!
Embark on a journey across three distinct maps, each featuring unique enemy compositions and varying levels of challenge, including epic boss encounters.
"Greedland" already boasts three challenging maps, each with its own distinctive enemy blend and formidable bosses. As the game continues to evolve, anticipate the arrival of fresh maps, new gameplay modes, and an exhilarating four-player co-op option, enriching your adventure.
Buy "Greedland" now and stay tuned for thrilling updates and fresh content. Immerse yourself in a bullet heaven experience like no other!

Developer info

  • VaMP He
  • Gamersky Games2P Games
  • August 4, 2023


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