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Take command of the world’s mightiest war machine, managing industry, diplomacy and battle plans to defend your interests and dominate the planet in Hearts of Iron IV.
This grand strategy wargame offers both deep historical gameplay and tantalizing alternate histories as the dramatic events of the Second World War unfold on your computer. Hearts of Iron IV is a compelling simulation of modern war that rewards replay and strategic thinking.
Main Features:

Rewarding Strategic Gameplay:

Manage continent wide battle fronts and a complex research tree, alongside diplomacy and politics. Prepare your nation for the coming storm, transforming the geopolitical landscape in your favor.

Complex Military Simulation:

Give orders to army groups composed of divisions of your own design, driving towards your objectives and managing supply lines. Coordination of air, land and sea theaters is vital to overall success.

Assume Control of Any Nation:

Choose from the greatest powers striving for victory, or challenge yourself as one of the smaller nations simply trying to weather the storm.

Internal Politics:

Choose your war cabinet based on your current needs. Manage researchers and industrialists before the war, and emphasize a military cabinet once the world inexorably slides into conflict.

Industrial Power:

Build factories and ports, and then use those structures to make everything a modern army needs. Plan wisely, balancing future investment against the needs of the moment.

Push the Limits of Science:

A flexible research system offers new weapons, new industrial systems and advanced strategic concepts.

Intense Online Combat:

Up to 32 players can play Hearts of Iron IV, whether competitively or cooperatively, with some players taking control of different aspects of a single nation’s strategy.

Developer info

  • Paradox Development Studio
  • Paradox Interactive
  • June 6, 2016


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