Heroes Wanted

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"Heroes Wanted" is a uniquely designed and deeply engaging deck-building Roguelike game.

◆ Unique Mechanics and Challenges
By strategically arranging hero cards with elemental attributes (Fire, Water, Earth), players can form specific card combinations (Triple, Straight), unleashing powerful synergies to overcome formidable foes.

◆ Rich Game Content
With hundreds of hero cards, artifacts, equipment, and consumables, coupled with skills triggered in different positions and sequences, each turn and journey for players is filled with variables. Craft your unique deck to showcase astonishing ingenuity.

◆ Easy to Learn, Strong Strategic Depth
The game rules are straightforward, making gameplay simple. However, the paths and strategies chosen on the journey to defeat the Demon Lord can vary greatly. Players have ample time to carefully consider each card, accumulate skills, and ultimately craft a winning deck.

◆ Suitable for All, Enjoyable Challenges
Whether you're new to Roguelike deck-building games or an experienced veteran, "Heroes Wanted" offers fresh challenges and great enjoyment for all players.

So, what are you waiting for? The Demon Lord is already seeking the lost Soul Stones, while heroes await your call. Embark on an infinite journey of card combinations and unleash astonishing deadly strikes!

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  • Gameplete
  • Gameplete
  • June 11, 2024


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