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On this mysterious continent, there are dangerous monsters and enemies everywhere. Following the Law of the Jungle, farm better weapons and gears. On the real-time leaderboard, it's all up to you to be the best or slay the best. What is your way of survival?
Endless resources and mobs await outside the safe zone. Equip your finest build from stash and inventory. Selling loot to level up fast. Hack 'n' Slash your way out!
Survive and grind with the hero of your choice. Farm mobs and bosses for epic weapons and gears. Gear up for PvP situations that may break out at any time.
Although heroes will lose equipped gears and some levels upon death, the longer you live in a game, the more rewards you gain. Unlock heroes, pets, and talents with these rewards. And Come Back Stronger!
Carry weapons with unique skills. Equip gears that power up your offense, defense, and mobility. Utilize buildings including Sentries, Spikes, Boost Pad, and more... Create your own combination of survival and destruction!
Team up with your friends to increase your chance of survival. Show off your rare gears and pets to them! Build a guild to dominate the land of yours!

Developer info

  • 钢之直男工作室
  • May 17, 2023


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