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Hearing noises? Seeing things? Call Home Safety Hotline! Our operators are standing by, waiting to give you the answers you need to protect your home from all manner of pests and household hazards.
Home Safety Hotline is an analog horror inspired telephone operator simulator where you answer incoming callers' questions about what's inside their home. Read through a vast catalog of common pests and household hazards, and do your best to become an expert in home safety. You will be held responsible for what happens.
A new horror experiment from Nick Lives, the creator of NiGHT SIGNAL and A Wonderful Day For Fishing.
  • Navigate a vast catalog of safety information using the latest in 90's technology.
  • Listen to original jazzy lo-fi music by David Johnsen while you place callers on hold.
  • Correctly deduce what's in your callers' homes or else leave them to suffer the consequences.
  • Learn about the various untold horrors that live inside your home.
  • "Phobia Toggles" - An accessibility option that allows you to disable in-game images for common phobia triggers including arachnophobia and more.
  • Unlockable Art Book detailing the game's development history.

Developer info

  • Night Signal Entertainment
  • Night Signal Entertainment
  • January 16, 2024


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