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The ultimate excitement with Home Sweet Home : Online, complete missions to escape from Niwarn for victory.
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Survive Mode
Asymmetrical mode that consists of 1 warden hunting 4 visitors in an arena. There are two core gameplays depended on the role players take.
Warden's mission
The warden is to strategically hunt 4 visitors letting no one escape, and not being killed by visitors. Each warden will have different stats and special abilities offering various ways of hunting visitors.
Visitor's mission
The visitors have to cooperate to complete the objective. Each character will have different stats and unique abilities supporting each role of play - decoy, damage, or perform the rituals. Things will drastically change after the objective is completed. The game will test personal dilemma choosing either teaming up to eliminate the warden or saving own self by leaving the arena. escaping the Hindrance, or be the warden and hunt and collect souls.
Battle Mode
Win through collecting souls in a 4vs4 style battle where the Visitor that holds the Warden Soul will turn into a Warden to hunt down the visitor on the other team. The other Visitors has to do their best to stay alive to limit their loss. There can only be one winner in the war between sides.
(1) The 4 visitors must work together to complete the awakening ritual to summon the "Warden's Soul". After completion, they will receive 1 "Warden Soul".
(2) The Visitor that holds the "Warden Soul" can spawn and play as a Warden to hunt down the other team's Visitors.
(3) Over time the power of the Warden Soul decreases causing the Warden to slowly lose HP. The Visitors have to keep performing the ritual to restore their Warden's powers or store it to summon a new Warden that replaces the old one.
(4) The team that collects the most Warden Souls within the time limit wins the match. If the results end in a tie, The first team that can take down an enemy Visitor wins.
Wardens that revert back to being a Visitor will receive a "Karma Points" based on how many Visitors they eliminated. If the other team's Warden eliminates the reverted Visitor, they will receive the Karma points as bonus points for the team.
Niwarn is the dimension between the human and spirit world. The reason souls end up being trapped in Niwarn can come from a person being in a limbo between life and death or cursed with dark magic . People with strong arcanic powers often use their powers to control the Warden to hunt down the Visitors that end up wandering into Niwarn. They hunt for their souls to complete an unexplained ritual.

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  • Shift Now
  • June 21, 2023


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