Hunt: Showdown - From the Wilds

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This DLC contains two Legendary Hunter variations, two Legendary Weapons, and one Legendary Consumable:

- Trapper: Buckshot (Hunter)
- Trapper: Snare (Hunter)
- Open Season (Springfield 1866 Marksman)
- Trail Marker (Caldwell Conversion Uppercut Precision)
- Hart’s Hope (Regeneration Shot)

Trapper: Buckshot

Robert Hogen, known as Buckshot, is a mountain man of unparalleled skill, he can trap any man or beast alive. Always taciturn, he allows his traps and his guns to do the talking for him. May heaven have mercy on anyone who tries to take from him, or those he holds close.

Trapper: Snare

A peerless survivalist and tracker, Laura Merrill, known as Snare, can follow the slightest clue to her prey. Merciless, she strikes swiftly with a raptor’s fury. Confident she can take down anything the wilderness throws at her, she is committed to survival in the face of the fiercest odds.

Open Season

Gifted by the Mountain Man, this Springfield 1866 Marksman was a lifeline for the Trappers. A long time ago it helped them get back on their feet, and now serves them reliably season after season.

Trail Marker

The Trappers’ lands were known only to themselves. This Caldwell Conversion Uppercut Precision made short work of interlopers, leaving them as markers for others who would follow a trail of death.

Hart’s Hope

To an experienced trapper, berries, roots, and leaves are all manner of balms, salves, and remedies. This Regeneration Shot is made to turn the fortunes of those preyed on, to give them hope to shoot back.

The most powerful memory Robert Hogen and Laura Merrill share is one of smoke. 

Cousins whose families lived together in a ramshackle homestead in the Rockies, they awoke one night to fire and chaos. Merrill stumbled out the door to find Hogen crouched in terror as a screaming figure wreathed in flames shambled off into the woods. They could only watch as fire devoured everything and everyone they knew. 

Trusting no one but each other, they did what they could to establish themselves on the ruins of the homestead. Their efforts seemed doomed to fail. 

The pair were starving when mountain man Thomas Bridge stumbled across their encampment. Taking pity, he stayed with them, fed them, and showed them how to survive in the wild.  

The pair were quick learners, thriving under Bridge’s instruction. He also introduced them to the local Indigenous trappers. When their skill surpassed his, he decided they were ready to survive on their own. They awoke one morning with him gone. 

At first, they thrived, bringing in massive harvests of furs. But other trappers sought to steal the secrets of their rich hunting grounds. Rich men from back east claimed the lands of the forest, sending armed desperados to chase the Trappers out. 

The pair fought back. Still, it almost came as a relief when they got a telegram from Bridge on a trip into town to sell their wares. He had gone to Louisiana to hunt a new kind of prey and needed guns at his back he could trust. In addition, he might have uncovered clues to what happened that fiery night long ago. 

Cashing in what they had caught, the pair set out for the south. They did not know what they would be facing, but they would heed their adoptive father’s call.

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  • Crytek
  • June 27, 2024


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