Into the Emberlands

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Step into the enchanting world of Into the Emberlands, a cozy exploration game with a rogue-lite twist that is all about rebuilding the home of the charming Knacks in a world threatened by a mysterious glooming Miasma.

As the chosen Lightbearer, you are equipped with a lantern fueled by light-bringing ember, allowing you to venture out into the Miasma.
Bring back the lost Knacks and collect resources to rebuild and expand your village!

But be aware, if the ember lantern fades you’ll become lost in Miasma yourself until the next bearer of light finds you…


  • Embark on your journey that starts in the village of the charming Knacks
  • Explore an ever-sprawling world full of small adventures and big surprises
  • Traverse various biomes in a procedurally generated world with endless replayability
  • Discover the scenery hidden by the glooming Miasma which is teeming with life and secrets


  • Encounter quirky and mystical creatures
  • Support the various inhabitants of the Emberlands and they’ll aid your journey with resources and valuable upgrades to your equipment!
  • Keep an eye out for the Knacks that lost their way in the Miasma and guide them safely home to the light of your village


  • Rebuild and expand your village to a thriving safe haven for your people!
  • Use the resources you gathered to upgrade your village by building new homes and amenities
  • Lay the foundation for future adventures, as each new building and vendor will give you a head-start on your next quest

Developer info

  • Tiny Roar
  • Daedalic Entertainment
  • June 19, 2024


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