Kingdom, Dungeon, and Hero

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Kingdom, Dungeon, and Hero is a fantasy strategy and adventure game. Immerse yourself in a realm of horrors, magic, and strategic conquest on a hex-based map with a board game feel. Form armies, expand an economy, negotiate agreements, send heroes off on missions, explore dungeons, find magic items and artifacts to help you win the game.

  • Play on maps with up to 50 kingdoms.

  • Manage resources, diplomacy, armies, and heroes to do your bidding.

  • Build and configure armies and navies of up to 6 units against the enemy. Assign a hero to lead it.

  • Hire heroes to find lead armies, govern cities, go on missions, or explore dungeons for gold, magic items, and artifacts.

  • Research tactics, production, and magic to increase your kingdom's power.

  • The Editor allows players to generate an infinite number of maps. Create magic items, army types, and change images.

  • The game comes with a main story scenario and multiple other scenarios to play.

Developer info

  • Kraken Studios
  • Kraken Studios
  • July 1, 2024


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