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Embark on an epic journey in Kristala, a Dark Fantasy Action RPG featuring challenging combat, acrobatic parkour, and exploration to uncover a detailed story. Become the role of a fledgling feral warrior who must master the all six magic specialties of the ancient sacred Kristals.

Kristala is pouncing into Early Access on Steam June 6, 2024 and will be released via individual Episodes. Your Day-1 purchase unlocks access to all 7 Episodes at a discounted, one-time price.

Each Episode includes 2 - 6 hours of gameplay, depending on your experience with the ARPG genre and overall interaction with side quests. Detailed content updates will be shared via Steam’s announcement system as new updates are pushed.

Punishing & Satisfying Combat

Avoid damage by blocking, dashing/rolling + deflecting attacks. Win battles by combining light + heavy attacks, utilizing multiple weapon abilities, and the casting of up to 16 equipped spells at a time. Regenerate Mana by engaging in melee combat — unlock + level catlike abilities on a Feline Skill tree.

Defeat Obstacles with Stealth & Nimbleness

Execute unique abilities that allow you to traverse the environment in many ways, overcoming new + exciting challenges. New traversal abilities are unlocked by progressing Kristala’s main storyline + each new skill opens up new pathways in previously explored areas.

Create Your Own Unique Feline Character

Choose from a variety of fur patterns and lengths, plus a clan choice that determines the type of magic you'll level throughout the game. Your starting class determines your starting weapon, armor, and stat loadouts. Develop your feline character as you go via the leveling of stats, magic, and feline abilities to fit your desired play style.

Piece Together the Lore through Exploration

In-game cinematics + an enchanting soundtrack are often used as storytelling tools, along with written journal pickups + impactful NPC interactions. Unravel the story even further via unique Kristal Memory items — brief scenes recounting past events that occurred where the Memories are found.

**Kristala will be be fully compatible with Steam Deck soon after our initial Early Access release.**

Developer info

  • Astral Clocktower Studios
  • Astral Clocktower Studios
  • June 6, 2024


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