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Attention! My fellow Bounty Hunters,

The Bounty Hunter Association is recruiting now! Abundant rewards await you! Join us now!

The Association provides the following benefits:

Both sides accumulate Power for their own spaceship and compete in a fair shockwave battle to determine who the winner is! This is the recognized way of battle in the LONESTAR Universe, without any surprise attacks!
All hunters who join the Association will receive a free spaceship!
Currently, the Association has two different spaceships to choose from, and the third spaceship is under urgent development and will be deployed soon!
Each spaceship has its own expertise and possesses nearly a hundred exclusive units! (Note: The Association only provides initial units; other units need to be obtained by hunters during their journey.)
As the largest Bounty Hunter organization in the LONESTAR Universe, the Association has dozens of spaceship pilots!
The Association guarantees that each pilot has undergone repeated tests, with unique exclusive skills and a vast array of random talents, ensuring that each hunting experience is unique.
Furthermore, the Association's recruitment work is ongoing, and there will be a continuous influx of new pilots in the future.
The Association strictly adheres to the LONESTAR Universe Labor Protection Act and provides generous vacations for all Bounty Hunters.
Every time you complete a Bounty Mission, the Association will offer a period of paid leave.
During your vacation, you will encounter various unique events, make choices, and obtain resources. So, please enjoy your vacation time!
In the LONESTAR Universe, there are hundreds of different treasures, each with a unique function. Coupled with various exclusive units and different spaceships, such a wide variety of combinations may have left you overwhelmed.
No worries! The Association's Information Center has collected data on most of the units and Treasures in the universe and compiled them into an encyclopedia for your reference! It will undoubtedly assist you in creating a unique build!
The Association's Intelligence Center has gathered information on nearly a hundred wanted criminals in the LONESTAR Universe, including 15 extremely dangerous boss-level felons! You can access the criminal information before each mission and adjust your combat strategies accordingly. The Association's Intelligence Center will help you secure victory!
For any newly wanted criminals that may appear in the future, we will announce their profiles in Notices. Please check regularly.
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Developer info

  • Math Tide
  • Thermite Games
  • January 18, 2024


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