MOONPONG: Tales of Epic Lunacy

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A roguelite Pong'em up where you go to rescue the Moon.
Due to extreme climate catastrophies the Moon has started moving away from the Earth. Fortunately the NASA was expecting this. They quickly launched the "Moon Paddle" program, with hopes of controlling the Moon's trajectory. The climate is decidedly done for, but we might yet bring back the Moon.
Control the Moon Paddle and keep the Moon inside your perimeter, while bouncing it into waves of celestial enemies. Buy items to help you on your lunar quest, or keep your money to buy better items further on. Complete the different challenges and unlock more items to find on your runs. Face [REDACTED] and bring the Moon back to Earth, or continue into the next loop and see just how far you can go.
The game features 4 difficulties, and a range of additional settings to make the gameplay more accessible and to make the animated backgrounds less intense. Runs usually take about ~20 minutes to complete.

Developer info

  • PUNKCAKE Delicieux
  • PUNKCAKE Delicieux
  • September 9, 2022


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