Megacopter: Blades of the Goddess

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Megacopter is the culmination of classic retro games of the 80’s and 90’s (Choplifter, Desert/Jungle/Urban Strike) and TV programs that molded us (Airwolf, Knight Rider) with updated gameplay and sci-fi adventure.

Pilot the sentient Megacopter while you battle Reptoid forces in the air and on the ground. Take off on an adventure with Jack the Pilot, Hobo Jones and his crew, and many more.


Missions: Play a variety of mission types. Seek and destroy missions feature an escalating threat level as you penetrate enemy lines. Rescue missions allow you to save your comrades (choplifter style). Defense missions feature waves of enemies. Boss hunt missions feature a powerful enemy.

Environments: Take the fight to the Reptoids across 4 different biomes and over a dozen missions as you look to defeat the Reptoid scum and bring sanity back to the Tri-state area!

Command the Weapons of Mortals: The Megacopter is a machine with huge guns, and an even bigger appetite for blood. Exchange Pizza Tokens at the armory, and unlock more guns, more firepower, and more…well….destruction.

Unlock the Power of AZ-TECH: The Blades of the Goddess demand blood, and blood you will deliver. Through (somewhat willing) Greg sacrifices, you can unlock the powers of the Goddess that lives within Megacopter. Choose the perfect AZ-TECH pairing for your mission loadouts and you’ll be cutting through Reptoids like a knife through butter.

Soundtrack: Original soundtrack by OGRE sound. These amazing retro tracks will get you in the mood to seek and destroy.

Developer info

  • Pizza Bear Games
  • Pizza Bear Games
  • June 21, 2024


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