Mortal Sin

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Deep And Rewarding Melee Combat
Fluid melee combat is at the heart of this roguelike. Each hit of your weapon, fists and magic will cause devastating wounds to your opponents as limbs fly and blood splatters against the walls. Attacks can be instantly linked into each other for seamless, free-flowing gameplay.
Endless Replayability
Procedurally generated levels, loot and quests ensure no run is ever the same. Unlock special classes that provide unique playstyles, such as the spell slinging Mage, dexterous Monk, or giant sword wielding Berserker!
*NOTE* Most streams and videos (including the steam trailer), are highly compressed and lack the detail and clarity of playing in person. Watch in 4k to see the difference:
Key Features:
  • A deep and rewarding melee combat system that's easy to pick up but difficult to master
  • 15+ playable classes with unique abilities, skills, weapons and items
  • 45+ levels to explore among multiple routes, each with unique unlockables that persist between runs
  • 30+ weapons including dual wield swords, shields, claws and magic staves
  • 18+ unique battle arenas
  • 6+ alternate color palettes to choose from
  • Randomly generated quests with powerful rewards
  • Endless runs for infinite replayability
  • And more still to come!

Embrace your immortality, keep on fighting and you may yet find absolution!

Developer info

  • Nikola Todorovic
  • Nikola Todorovic
  • March 15, 2023


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