Nordic Ashes: Survivors of Ragnarok

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Nordic Ashes: Survivors of Ragnarok, is a challenging Norse inspired roguelite-survivor game, where you’ll have to survive hordes of creatures that come your way.

Unlock new weapons and abilities as you battle. Upgrade your characters’ stats with Constellation Ability Trees, equip yourself with powerful relics and slay your enemies before they surround you, or it may be too late…

During Ragnarok, Yggdrasil, the Tree of Life, lost almost all of its energy to sustain the Nine Realms. Only a few heroes will be able to survive the End of the World. Play as Axeldör, a Viking warrior; Thyra, a fierce ranger; or Hafgrim, master of the elements, among many other charismatic survivors.

  • 9 maps, inspired by each realm of Norse mythology.
  • 10+ characters, with exclusive skills and weapons.
  • Skill tree in the form of character constellations, to improve the stats of each survivor.
  • Yggdrasil as a meta-progress tree to boost different features that will make you feel more powerful in your adventure.
  • Character Masteries to upgrade your characters to their maximum potential.
  • 5 game modes: Adventure, Ragnarok, Daily Challenge, Custom and Nightmare.
  • Very replayable.
  • Alternative character skins for every character.
  • Elites and Bosses with their own behaviors to make battles more epic.
  • Reward Shrines scattered throughout the realm to always have quests or challenges to complete during a run.
  • Ascensions of each character's relics to boost them even more.
  • +150 Relics.
  • +150 Achievements.
  • Secrets.
  • Twitch integration to make streamings more fun.
  • Ready for PC, Mac, Linux and Steamdeck.

Developer info

  • Noxfall Studios
  • Noxfall Studios
  • April 26, 2024


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