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Only Climb: Better Together is an engaging multiplayer game that combines elements of a platformer. You have to climb up to the sky, overcoming various platforms and objects to uncover the mystery of this puzzling world. Play alone or with friends, because it's always more fun together. Compete, co-operate and overcome all obstacles together, climbing to the top. You will find entertaining Easter eggs and references along the way. Be cautious and alert, because every item may turn out to be unpredictable, even if it behaved differently before. The absence of a save function adds to the difficulty of getting through the game. You won't get a second chance. Even the slightest wrong step can send you back to the very beginning.
Sometimes it can be difficult for children to realise how wide the world outside their home is. Find out what lies beyond the fence of their junkyard and feel the world inviting you to explore it!
Like fledglings leaving their nests, you will need courage and perseverance to overcome your fears and reach your goals.
The world, my friend, is far from paradise or a walk in a sunny meadow. It is a dangerous and steep place where, if you give in for even a moment, it will knock you down with such a bang that you will never rise again. No one on this earth gives such a slap as life does. It's important to take the blow from fate and get up. If you intend to keep going, don't give up halfway through. That is how victory is won, no matter the odds!
No matter what happens, you must learn from your mistakes, but remember, this crazy world does not forgive missteps!
And remember, there are no wrong roads, this is the way!
Our game is inspired by stories of people who don't give up. It may take forever to list them, but most importantly, remember that you are one of them too!
This game will show you what you are capable of. However, there are not only challenges in the game, but also things that will make you smile!
As you have already realised, this game is about overcoming yourself and defeating your own limitations. There are no saves here, we don't do that!
Keep your eyes open, as around every corner you may encounter hidden and secret dumpsters, which you can use to jump high to the sky. Dumpsters help in speeding up the game's progression.
Use the lifts to go up to other higher levels of the location.
Whether you choose multiplayer mode or prefer to experience it alone, Only Climb: Better Together offers you unforgettable adventures, friendly competition and the possibility to create your own team of up to 8 people to overcome all obstacles and reach the top of success together.
- Dumpsters are trampolines to climb higher and higher on the levels of the location.
- Lifts to move around the location.
- The changing cycle of day and night
- The ability to push other players lets you prevent them from progressing through the game.
- Players can play together with friends or alone.
- An option to gather a team of friends up to 8 people.
In the game, you will enjoy the option to assemble a team of your friends and face challenges together. No matter how many of you there are, the game supports up to 8 people. Work together to climb the highest peaks and solve all the riddles this puzzling world presents before you.
However, if you prefer solo play, you can also enjoy the full climb alone. The game offers you the chance to tackle the challenges on your own and enjoy all the splendour of this unique world.

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  • Exbyte Studios
  • Exbyte Studios
  • July 25, 2023


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