Pro Cycling Manager 2024

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Create and manage every aspect of your cycling team. Sponsorship contracts are key to your annual budget and can make all the difference during the season. Contract length depends on the team and can now last multiple years. You choose which team you want to manage and what challenges you want to set.

Using the new, enhanced system with seasonal and long-term objectives, present your objectives to sponsors at the start of the year and earn their trust over the season's different races. There's now a greater variety of objectives, including stage wins, advertising visibility and winning the most prestigious races.

Race objectives are now more realistic. Small sponsors can now be pleased with advertising opportunities in major races.

Each sponsor is different with varied expectations and unique regional restrictions in terms of recruitment. A Colombian sponsor may ask you to recruit Colombian riders for your team. It's up to you to choose the right sponsor based on the direction you want to take your team in.

Just like in real life as a cycling sports director, you need to find new sponsors to build your cycling team. You can now partner with multiple sponsors. You must meet the expectations of each sponsor or risk making some of them unhappy with your partnership.

Race performance also has a considerable impact on the success of your riders. Invest in high-quality equipment to achieve the incremental gains highly sought after by professional teams. Every little optimization is important and can help you become the world's top team.

  • The official route of the Tour de France 2024
  • Improved immersion with a new assistant to guide the game's interactive aspects
  • Redesigned Search and Sponsor Objectives pages and Squad tab
  • Revamped information interface and a new Sports Director section
  • Dirt roads now taken into account by AI behaviour

More information and further details on the new features will be shared soon.
Stay tuned!

Developer info

  • Cyanide Studio
  • Nacon
  • June 6, 2024


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