Rooftops & Alleys: The Parkour Game

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I'm a solo developer creating an entire game on my own. Why? The dream game I always wanted didn't exist, until now!

Ever felt like the world was missing that one Parkour game? That game that scratches that Parkour/Freerunning itch that other games just don't? Rooftops & Alleys aka TheParkourGame is aiming to deliver! Rooftops & Alleys is a brand new game being developed by a single person in Unreal Engine 5. RNA has been in development for around 8-9 months and is ongoing. This project aims to create a fun single-player experience with multiple maps to free roam and challenge yourself in. This game will be its own unique take on the Parkour and freerunning gaming genre and will feature its own control scheme and tricking system (Controllers will offer the best experience, keyboard & mouse is also supported). Currently, the game is being developed primarily for PC, with the intent of releasing on consoles upon official release later on.

Game Features:

- Parkour
- Freerunning
- Tricking System
- Scoring System
- Time Trials
- Trick Challenges
- Session Marker System (Pigeon)
- Multiple Maps
- Dynamic Weather
- Character Customization
- Free Roam
- Third and First Person Camera
- Ragdoll/Bail Button
- Slowmotion Button
- Original in-game Music

Developer info

  • May 21, 2024


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