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With the development of Russian Fishing 4, our team's goal is to create a world capable of conveying our shared passion for fishing and our love of nature. Waiting for the first bite at dawn as the stars fade, holding your breath as the rod bends alarmingly under the bite of a large fish or cooking the fish you just caught by the campfire – all of this is possible in Russian Fishing 4.
After all, this game is designed by anglers, for anglers.
The main features of the game:
  • Currently, the game offers 17 reservoirs with unique weather conditions and a diverse set of fish.
  • Experience more than 190 detailed species. Over time this number will increase even further.
  • Choose from a huge variety of fishing tackle with hundreds of modern rods, reels and accessories.
  • The game allows free movement on the water bodies, with opportunities to fish both from the shoreline and from a boat..
  • Various types of fishing have been implemented, such as float, bottom and spinning. Each of them is carefully designed, using real fishing experience, and include a variety of equipment and fishing techniques.
  • As in real life, the behavior of the fish can vary depending on weather conditions, time of day and other factors.
  • You are given ample opportunity to develop skills, both relevant to the chosen specialization and in other related areas, including making your own lures, harvesting baits and even cooking.

The game is constantly evolving, and more content will be added to enhance your fishing experience.
Compare your achievements with other players in ratings, qualifications and statistics. Participate in a variety of competitions and tournaments with valuable prizes.
Learn about the fish habits and gain knowledge to assemble the perfect tackle to catch your legendary trophy fish.
Russian Fishing 4 –Meet you at the water’s edge!

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  • November 10, 2021


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