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Rusty's Retirement is an idle-farming simulator designed to sit at the bottom of your screen allowing you to work on other tasks while caring for your farm!

Grow crops:
Plant crops and watch Rusty get to work as he waters, nurtures, and harvests. Unlock new crops as you progress, from crispy carrots to ripe tomatoes.

Produce biofuel:
Use crops to produce clean and energy-efficient biofuel, a vital robot power source. Sell biofuel to other machine inhabitants and reinvest the money into expanding your farm.

Automate with robots:
Deploy a team of cute little robots to assist with planting, watering, and harvesting. Customize and upgrade your helper bots to increase efficiency.

Rusty's Retirement is built to sit comfortably at the bottom of your screen allowing you to do other tasks while caring for your farm. Zoom in or out for a less distracting view, or alternatively turn on 'Focus Mode' which slows down crop production.

Vertical mode:
You can also create a new vertical farm that sits comfortably at the side of your screen.

Twitch Integration available:
Streamers and viewers can build a farm together. Viewers can control what task their robot should focus on through chat commands like !plant !water !harvest.

A friend of mine is also making a sims version:

Developer info

  • Mister Morris Games
  • Mister Morris Games
  • April 26, 2024


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