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The world’s most realistic freestyle scooter game is finally here. Ride the skatepark, hit the streets, boost the mega ramp, fully customize your scooter & throw down all of the real life trick combinations you could dream of within this physics based scooter game. Experience total freedom & utilize your imagination in a world where the possibilities are truly endless.


Experience the thrill of authentic scooter riding with our cutting-edge physics system. Immerse yourself in the dynamic and true-to-life physics designed to emulate the variations of real-world scooter movements. Our system is meticulously crafted to ensure that every grind, jump, and trick feels natural and responsive, allowing you to seamlessly flow around the skateparks as if you were riding in the physical world. Whether you're navigating ramps, grinding rails, or executing complex combos, our physics system provides a level of realism that enhances your gaming experience, making each session a true reflection of the exhilarating experience of freestyle scooter riding. Master the physics, and unlock a world of possibilities for creative expression within the game.


Immerse yourself in the thrill of real-world locations meticulously recreated within the game. Each skatepark is a faithful 1:1 replica, capturing the essence and unique features of renowned spots for scooter enthusiasts. Explore the following iconic destinations:
• Washington Way Skatepark - Christchurch, New Zealand: Embark on a virtual journey to Christchurch, New Zealand, and experience the raw energy of Washington Way Skatepark. Ride through its challenging ramps and intricate structures, mirroring the real-life counterpart that has become a haven for local skaters.
• Knights Stream Skatepark - Christchurch, New Zealand: Engage in the authentic atmosphere of Knights Stream Skatepark, another Christchurch gem recreated in the game. Navigate its diverse terrain, conquer ramps, and challenge yourself with the same obstacles that make the actual skatepark a favorite among riders.
• X Air 2022 Competition Park - Mount Maunganui, New Zealand: Participate in the excitement of X Air 2022 Competition Park, located in the scenic Mount Maunganui, New Zealand. This park is not just a digital recreation; it's a virtual arena that echoes the adrenaline-pumping atmosphere of a world-class competition, offering challenges and thrills for riders of all levels.
• Madrid Urban Sports 2023 - Madrid, Spain: Venture beyond New Zealand and land in the heart of Madrid, Spain, with the Madrid Urban Sports 2023 skatepark. Immerse yourself in the vibrant urban landscape of this European city as you tackle its unique features and explore a park designed to capture the essence of the global scooter scene in 2023.
• Bay Skate/Napier Concrete Skatepark - Napier, New Zealand: Immerse yourself in the thrill of Bay Skate, where the rhythmic waves of the Pacific Ocean provide a mesmerizing backdrop. This coastal skatepark beckons riders to challenge themselves against cutting-edge features, creating an exhilarating experience seamlessly fused with the natural beauty of Napier's shores.
Each location is a testament to our commitment to delivering an authentic and diverse gaming experience. Whether you're a local enthusiast or a global adventurer, these 1:1 replica skateparks offer a virtual playground that mirrors the spirit and challenges of real-world scooter riding. Take your skills to new heights in these iconic locations, where every jump and grind brings you closer to the pulse of the global scooter community.


Unleash Your Creativity in Crafting the Perfect Ride! Design your ultimate custom scooter with an extensive array of authentic parts sourced from top-tier brands, ensuring an unparalleled level of personalization. Immerse yourself in the world of high-quality components, featuring renowned names such as Apex, Ethic, Lucky, Aztek, Madd Gear, Envy, and an impressive lineup of other leading manufacturers. Our Save System lets you effortlessly save and load up to 3 of your handcrafted masterpieces. Seamlessly switch between your creations and showcase different characteristics of your unique style. Unleash your creativity and keep the excitement rolling!


Engage with the game on your terms with our versatile camera system. Choose from four dynamic camera angles — Offset, Low Angle, Follow-Cam, or First Person — to tailor your viewing experience. Capture the thrill of your tricks up close or get a broader perspective of the skatepark. The power to control your viewpoint enhances your gameplay, allowing you to strategize, perform, and appreciate every moment from the angle that suits your style.


Dive into an ever-evolving adventure with our custom maps feature. Download maps from our vibrant Discord community for a creativity boost beyond standard skateparks. Explore unique challenges, hidden gems, and landscapes crafted by fellow players. Contribute your own maps and join the collaborative spirit, ensuring the game's adventure is constantly player-driven and evolving. Experience endless exploration and infinite creativity with each session, where player-created content tells unique stories and offers exciting challenges.
This game requires a controller to play.

Developer info

  • Dillon Earle
  • UncannyKiwi
  • November 29, 2021


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