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Seablip is an ambitious pirate RPG, created by solo developer Jardar.

Seablip features an open world map containing many islands to explore, enemies to fight, and treasures to find. Plunder and sink enemy vessels on your path to become a feared pirate, and discover hidden secrets waiting to be discovered as you sail the sea.

Upgrade Your Ship

  • Increasing the size and quality of your ship is a crucial part of the game, by buying a better one or by upgrading your existing one.
  • There are more than 48 upgrades (cannons and other special upgrades) for your ship.
  • Many of the upgrades offer unique attack/defense specialties: hull breach, fire, poison gas, magic shield, and more.
  • Experiment with combining certain effects such as water and electricity to give you the edge in battle.
  • Discover new combinations to maximize your offensive and defensive options, and help you survive.

Hire Sailors

  • Each sailor in Seablip is unique and there is a limited number, so treat them well!
  • When sailors level up they will earn points to spend on attributes such as Health, Luck, and intelligence.
  • As they progress, sailors can learn two random skills that can be used to aid them in each battle encounter.
  • Different battle bonuses are given depending on the faction the sailor belongs to. Pirates, Redcoats, and Bluecoats are some of the factions you’ll come across throughout the game.

Bounty Hunter

Confront the scourge of the seas as you face off against seven bosses in Seablip (more coming soon), each possessing a unique tactic and ship.
While you are free to roam as you please, defeating all the bosses is the main objective in the current Early Access version.


  • Cast your line and reel in your catch in a robust fishing minigame, as you take a break from conquering the sea.
  • Discover hidden secrets and treasure, and generally get up to no good as you use your excellent lockpicking skills to great effect.
  • Other smaller minigames are in development, and will be worked on and improved with the help of the community!

Developer info

  • Jardar Solli
  • Vibedy
  • May 17, 2024


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