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Misc Games, the developers behind the highly popular single-player commercial fishing franchises Fishing: Barents Sea and Fishing: North Atlantic, return with a brand-new title, Ships At Sea. This title features the multiplayer mode that fans have been eagerly awaiting.

Ships At Sea, the next generation of ship simulation, introduces service and cargo vessels, the most desired feature requested by our passionate fan base. Head out into the untamable Norwegian Sea with your friends and connect with players worldwide as you build your service, cargo and commercial fishing careers.

In addition to the highly detailed fishing, service and cargo ships with new gameplay features, we are proud to introduce a new water shader WaveWorks, in cooperation with Nvidia. This technology provides a cinematic-quality ocean simulation. Moreover, we´ve overhauled the buoyancy system entirely and replaced it with a physically-based one, ensuring vessels of all sizes float realistically. Furthermore, a dynamic weather system enhances the immersion by simulating weather conditions such as rain, fog, lightning and storms.

Above all, Ships At Sea takes a significant step forward by allowing players to explore authentically recreated harbours in Lofoten, Norway. Visit shops to purchase tools or equipment, or head to the shipyard to upgrade, maintain and repair your vessels.

Like our previous games, Ships At Sea offers an atmospheric and realistic environment based on accurate maps, licensed ships, and equipment. With stunning graphics, Ships At Sea delivers striking, immersive visuals to provide the most profound ship simulation experience. Embark on this adventure and become a master of the seas!

To offer you a fully engaging maritime experience, Ships At Sea has several features to enhance the game's quality. This includes support for Nvidia DLSS Frame Generation and AMD FSR2/3 Upscaling function, which allows for creating brand new game frames and improves FPS. Additionally, the game also supports Intel® XeSS and provides the option to adjust the color settings for those with color deficiency.


  • Single-player
  • Multiplayer with up to 4 players
  • Developed with Unreal Engine 5
  • Ships At Sea is a diverse maritime journey where you're not confined to a single career path.
Cargo: Take charge as a cargo transporter, loading and unloading goods and navigating across diverse locations on the map.
Service Operator:Command a service ship, offering crucial support to other vessels and conducting maintenance and repairs.
Commercial Fishing:Dive into the exhilarating realm of commercial fishing, starting with basic gear and advancing through catching various fish using various techniques.

  • Open-World map over Lofoten, Norway (46 x 46 km, world scale 1:1)
  • Boat class certificates
  • Ocean simulation WaveWorks from Nvidia
  • Physical-based buoyancy system
  • Character customization (at present, it is possible to customize clothing options for various career paths)
  • Boat customization
  • Dynamic weather and economic system
  • Marine life AI system
  • Fish species like halibut, salmon and spotted catfish, and more
  • Improved fishing methods: Jigging, long-line, net fishing
  • Licensed boats, ships, equipment and navigation systems from the maritime and fishing industry

Developer info

  • Misc Games
  • Misc Games
  • May 23, 2024


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