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Take to the ice in this physics-based multiplayer game where you play an arcade style match of hockey. No shoot button, no puck glue, no RNG. It’s up to you and your team to take control of the puck, pass, shoot, outplay your opponents. Play with your friends or team up with other Slapshot players!


Slapshot: Rebound is free-to-play and always will be.
Cosmetic elements are available for purchase and obtainable through gameplay and events.
We don’t do pay-to-win, because pay-to-win sucks.

Train like the pros

Become the best player in Slapshot: Rebound with training modes that cover every aspect of the game. Track how your skills grow overtime by beating your high score in each mode!

Climb to the top

Stake your claim as the best Slapshot: Rebound player as you climb the leaderboard rankings. Make new friends (and maybe some rivals) by getting involved in Slapshot leagues across the world!

Customize yourself

Style your Slapatar with countless cosmetic items, from hats and hair to gloves and glasses. Show teammates and the opposition your unique Slapshot style.

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Developer info

  • Oddshot Games
  • December 7, 2020


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