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Spiritfall combines tight Platform Fighter combat, nimble movement, and Roguelite mechanics into one!
Traverse dangerous regions and unleash deadly combos through a randomly generated map.
The divine spirits offer powerful blessings that enhance your abilities in combat, discover your favorite abilities, and experiment with unique builds.
Death is only a temporary setback, reawaken stronger than before at the Sanctum and continue your adventure. Use the resources you gathered to upgrade your skills, unlock unique powers, and equip mighty weapons.
NPCs can be encountered throughout your journey, some will even return to the Sanctum and help you on your quest. Others may not be as friendly...
New content and features are added regularly as we polish and improve upon the game based on your feedback! Follow the game's development by joining our Discord server or newsletter.

Developer info

  • Gentle Giant
  • Gentle Giant
  • April 3, 2023


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