Super Bunny Man

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The best game ever made about a guy in a rabbit costume jumping through wormholes. Embark on a challenging journey through time and space in search of something non-specific that will leave you with intense feelings of [INSERT STIRRING EMOTION HERE]!
Super Bunny Man is a chaotic co-op physics-based platformer where you use rolling, jumping, and grabbing to overcome challenges. Bring a friend. Beat levels, time attacks, enter wormholes, and find hidden carrots, all while evading spikes, boulders, pitfalls, and other challenges. Become Super Bunny Man!

Story Mode

Play solo or get together with a friend (local or online) for some carrot co-op mayhem! Traverse 50 challenging levels across different worlds: Forest, Snow, Cave, Beach and Stadium!

Party Mode

  • Multiplayer: up to 4 players! Online & Local!
  • Deathmatch: kick your friends off cliffs, drag them onto spikes, break their necks! (Disclaimer: not recommended for fragile or strained friendships).
  • Basketball: Choose a team, then fight to get the ball into your hoop!
  • Carrot Grab: Strap on a jet pack and collect more carrots than the other team!

... and much, much more!

  • Controller support for up to 4 players!
  • Physics-based character and interactive world.
  • Mind-blowing 2.5D computer-generated graphical images!
  • Evocative musical soundtrack, with grooves so addictive they've been banned in dance clubs across the world!
  • Unbelievable dance moves!

Embrace carrot chaos. Become Super Bunny Man today!

Developer info

  • Catobyte
  • Catobyte Ltd
  • May 16, 2023


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