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Teamfight Manager is a game where you become a coach who manages a virtual eSports pro-game team.
Help your team grow efficiently and work out the best strategy to win the world championship title!
· Pick & Ban System
Find the best combination of champions among many of them. Be mindful of the champions your players pick frequently, the champions your opponents pick often, and the compatibility of the combination to achieve the best results.
· Match Process
Each champion follows deathmatch rules of fighting for 1 minute, and the team with the higher number of kills wins.
· Champion
Each champion has his/her unique characteristics. Every champion possesses 1 basic skill that can be used during the cooldown and an Ultimate that can only be used once per one set. In order to win the match, you will have to exercise good judgment on the basic abilities and the characteristics of the skills each champion has, and select the appropriate one based on the situation.
· Managing Players
You can build a stronger team either by recruiting better players or by training existing players. Each player has different attack/defense abilities and champion skill levels. Some players have traits that even allow them to possess differentiating skills. Take the team's fund and the players' skills into account to effectively manage the players.
· Team Growth
You can provide a better environment for the players by building equipment or improving the facility. Provide your team with equipment that offers excellent performance and creates an outstanding environment for the top players to perform at their very best.
· Multiplayer
You can play 1v1 friendly matches, or invite up to 10 friends to play in a league. Find out who is the best manager.
Now you're all set to lead your team. Best of luck to you on your journey to win the world championship!

Developer info

  • Team Samoyed
  • Team Samoyed
  • March 1, 2021


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