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🌾 Create, Cultivate, Profit!

You've inherited your grandfather's farm, which has been reduced to a lone island amidst a relentless sea. With nothing but a deck of cards and the entrepreneurial spirit, you are tasked to pay off a mounting debt, turning this desolate patch of land into a thriving agrarian empire.
Each card you play represents different elements of your farm - from the crops you sow, the animals you raise, to the structures you build.

💰 Choose, Produce, Profit!

Every few turns choose between unique cards, and buffs
Generate items each turn, sell them for cash, and invest this money to expand your farm, pay off fees, and gradually chip away at the enormous debt.
the challenge is to maximize efficiency and make as much money as possible.

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  • Pixel Purrfect
  • Pixel Purrfect
  • November 7, 2023


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