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🔵Play God!

Guide your fledgling sentient species (lovingly called “nuggets”) from Stone Age cave painters to star-faring explorers.

🔵Wield godly power

Command more than 15 godly powers to guide, protect — or discipline — your followers. Create devastating tornadoes, smite naughty followers with lightning bolts, or shake and sunder the very earth.

🔵Watch your Nuggets grow and thrive

Observe Nuggets' every move as they work and fight to survive.

🔵Evolve and advance through the ages

Research more than 200 technological and societal advancements.

🔵Expand your power and colonize the galaxy

Discover and colonize a galaxy of procedurally generated planets, each with unique ecosystems and challenges to conquer.

🔵Manage delicate ecosystems

Manage the delicate balance of planetary ecosystems to help nuggets thrive. Your decisions and your followers’ ' actions influence global climates and have real environmental consequences. (Try not to kill them in an ecological disaster — well, unless you want to, of course.)

🔵Delve into the deeper mystery of your existence

Unravel the layers of a deeper cosmic story that challenges your perception of who and what you are — and reveals unexpected twists!

About This Game:

The Universim is a strategy city builder game with “God” elements where you guide a civilization (Nuggets) from the Stone Age to the Space Age. Manage resources, dynamic challenges, and ensure your Nuggets can survive, thrive, and spread to the stars.
The Universim features more than 200 research perks that will help you to shape your civilization. Be as benevolent or malevolent as you like to drive nuggets to evolve, advance, and expand. (Even the best civilizations need an occasional smiting).
Every planet in The Universim is procedurally generated and offers unique characteristics and challenges, ensuring that every world and every game is unique and engaging. Ecological balance and resource management are critical to success. Nuggets have their own needs and behaviors you must attend to. Your guidance will shape how they deal with conflicts, natural disasters, alien creatures, and other civilizations. Their growth and evolution depends on you!

This game published by Crytivo

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  • Crytivo
  • Crytivo
  • January 22, 2024


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