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This Grand Life 2 seeks to answer the question, "What would life be like as a ____ living in ____?"

With a unique character preferences system and an inflation-driven economy, the game simulates the financial experience of different people in the modern world.


  • Colony Sim-Style Management - Set priorities for your characters and watch them fulfill their desires. You make the important decisions like where to work, live and study.

  • Character Preferences - Be an ambitious investment banker with a paperwork allergy, or a struggling single parent with a shopping addiction. The unique preferences system offers a variety of "what-ifs" to play out.

  • Multi-Person Household - Manage multiple characters in one household. Run a bachelor pad, nuclear family, student share house or hobo camp.

  • Multi-Generational - Your characters will age from birth to death and accumulate status conditions as they go through life.

  • Skills and Education - Multiple organic routes to qualify for a job, whether through experience, education or a combination of both.

  • Cycles within cycles - Industries will go through their own booms and busts so consider your options carefully. Retail jobs might pay higher wages while energy prices are decreasing at the same time.

  • Be A Business Owner - Start your own small businesses. Hire workers, run it as a family enterprise, or do all the jobs yourself.

  • Real Estate - Purchase residential or commercial property and rent it out, live in it, or use it for one of your businesses.

  • Stock Market - Research stocks. Consider industry trends, management competency, price/earnings ratios and other factors before investing.

  • Real City Pathfinding - Maps are based on real cities. Travel time depends on actual road and rail networks, as well as obstacles like rivers and mountains.

  • Moddability - Create your own careers, courses, locations, possessions and more. All content designed to be highly moddable.

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  • Poking Water Games
  • Poking Water Games
  • June 20, 2024


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