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Tiny Rogues is a challenging fantasy rogue-lite dungeon crawler with rpg and bullet hell elements.

Defeat all enemies in one room after another and choose the next reward you'll gain!

The game offers you over 20 unique floors with unique sets of enemies to discover.

At the end of each floor, you have to face a difficult boss encounter!

There are over 40 boss fights in the game, including multiple final bosses.

Unlock and play 34 different character classes!

Dive into your adventures with 34 different character classes, each with its own unique passive abilities.

Equip yourself with unique and powerful items!

There are over 500 different equipment items in the game.

Level up and build a powerful and unique character!

With over 100 unique traits, every run will offer you a different set of power ups.

Level up outside of the game and gain helpful perks!

After each run you progress a little further and get to allocate new powerful perks.

Key Features:

  • Fight against rooms filled with enemies! Adventure through over 20 uniquely themed dungeon floors with a total of over 40 different boss encounters to defeat! Each run you have to overcome 10 floors, each with a random boss, guaranteeing maximum gameplay variety and replayability!
  • Dodge incoming bullet-hell-like attacks!
  • Level up and choose traits from a selection of over 100 different traits to power up your character!
  • Specialize your build in one of 3 core build archetypes, melee, ranged and magic!
  • Discover over 400 different weapons!
  • Discover over 500 different equipment items!
  • Unlock 34 different character classes with unique passive abilities!
  • Progress deeper into the game following World Objective quests and levelling up your Mastery Level to unlock powerful and game-changing meta perks!

Developer info

  • RubyDev
  • RubyDev
  • September 23, 2022


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