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The new season "Twinightmare" is now live! You can experience new season's content by choosing Twinightmare season when creating a new character!
- New Season Gameplay "Twinightmare"
The continent of Leptis is a place filled with millions of dreams... You can craft your own Sweet Dream and Nightmare. The bigger the dream you create, the higher the rewards stack, the more dangers you will have to face in the Nightmare.
- New Hero Apprentice Knight-Rosa.
Rosa possess formidable survival and great abilities of Blocking. When she unleashes the Holy Domain, she will turn into an unstoppable chariot, crushing any obstacles in her path.
- New Game Modes
[Solo Self Found Mode] , [Hardcore Mode], and [Solo Self Found Hardcore Mode] are newly added in the Twinightmare season.

Major Optimization for Better Experience

  • Crafting system fully optimized: Blueprint system for legendary gear; Affixed can now be upgraded; Desired affix can be chosen
  • Legendary drop rate increased by 3.5 times - Rare Legendary Gear easier to obtain
  • Netherrealm battles revamped
  • More thrilling map-clearing and treasure hunting


With no stamina and no cooldowns, smash down incoming waves with melee attacks, blast off magical explosions and draining pools, or snipe down ranged enemies. Grind with your own battle style!

Collect ENDLESS Loot

Unlimited drops from battles to upgrade build styles and establish your own collection. Prove your grind power by showing off in the in-game free market.

Build UNLIMITED Playstyles

With unique heroes, 24 talent tabs, 200+ legendary gears, 240+ powerful skills, Try out infinite playstyles or strategic possibilities on hero builds. Build your very own hero!


Utilize the Trade house to be a part of a booming economy with an infinite amount of hero builds to trade. One hunter's trash might be another hunter's treasure!

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  • XD
  • XD
  • May 9, 2023


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